One Time $300 Payment for Seniors is Coming This Week? Payment Dates & Eligibility

Check the details about the $300 One-time Payment to Seniors is Coming This Year? History, Payment Dates & Eligibility here. The answer to the question $300 One-time Payment to Seniors is Coming This Year is expanded briefly in this article. The amount is specifically implemented for the OAS beneficiaries.

$300 One-time Payment to Seniors is Coming This Year?

The Government of Canada implemented the one-time payment for seniors in 2021. The payment was part of retroactive finance and the benefit of overcoming the pandemic effects. The payment has been continued since then. Every year, that amount for the one-time benefit has been $500. However, the payment has been modified in 2022. Since then, the seniors will receive a $300 one-time payment for their financial stability. This payment has been issued by the Employment and Social Development Team.

The payment will be issued as part of the CPP and the OAS benefit. An additional benefit of $300 will be issued to the disabled candidates. These amounts are separate and will not be included in the monthly paychecks. The disabled candidates will receive the new time payment of 600 USD. The time payment is part of the CRA funds for the benefits. The amount will be issued by the end of this fiscal year.

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$300 Payment History

The one-time payments are the taxable benefits. The authorities will send the required slip for the taxable amount. The seniors need to add this slip in while filling out their tax returns. Along with the $300 one-time payment, the additional amount of $200 will be missed as part of the Guaranteed Income supplement.

$300 One-time Payment to Seniors is Coming This Year

The payment was stated during the pandemic. These amounts were issued for the affected families and single individuals to overcome the COVID-19 effect. The payment has been continued for over the years. Minor changes have been made to the payment, and the rules are modified based on the payment issued to the beneficiary.


Article Name $300 One-time Payment to Seniors


Country Canada
Authorities responsible Canada Revenue Agency
Benefit Amount $300
Frequency of the payment One time Payment
Official website

One-time Payment Dates 2024

As we know, the payment is made as a one-time deposit. The payment is part of the previous year’s fund and has to be disbursed by the end of this fiscal year. The Federal Government is planning to process a $300 payment along with the pensionable income for the beneficiaries. The additional payment of the Guarantee Supplement Income will also be added to this paycheck. The eligible candidates will be receiving a complete paycheck of $500.

The schedule for dates will not be notified by the authorities soon. The amount will be sent by the direct deposit method. If the candidates prefer to receive the amount by check, there may be a delay in the disbursement of the paychecks. The candidate needs to return the taxes before May 2024. The candidates with pending tax returns by May will not be eligible to receive the benefit amount.

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$300 One-time Payment Eligibility

In this section, we will be clearing the beneficiaries’ doubts regarding their eligibility. The criteria are based on the full-time as well as a partial benefit.

  • The criteria for full-time eligibility is that the candidate should be above 65 years old.
  • The applicant should retire at the age of 65 years and should be a lawful permanent resident of the country for over 10 years.
  • The candidates should be receiving the benefits under CPP and should be registered under CRA.
  • The eligibility criteria for the partial benefit are quite different than those for full-time service.
  • To qualify for the partial OAS, the candidate should be in the country for a minimum of 10 years after turning 18 years old.
  • The candidate will be receiving 1/4th of the amount based on the calculation of the full-time benefit.

If the individual is eligible to receive the benefits, the notice will be sent by the authorities before the release of the disbursement. The claimant is advised to keep an eye on the “MY CRA Account” to know about the latest updates about the OAS.

The account can be accessed by people with technical knowledge or are new to the technology. They can even get assistance from a close one to browse the portal. Help can also be sought from bank managers or bank officials.

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