Tax Free Allowance Ireland for Pensioners: Who Can Get It? All You Should Know

Discover all about the Tax Free Allowance Ireland for Pensioners: Who Can Get It? All You Should Know. We will be focusing on the Tax Free Allowance Ireland for Pensioners in this article. There is a ton of irrelevant information on the tax allowance, we are here to resolve all the queries that arise in the mind of a Pension holder.

Tax Free Allowance Ireland for Pensioners

Pension in Ireland is generally taxable but certain allowances are free for the pensioner. Senior citizens below the age of 65 are not liable to pay tax for holding income at a certain limit.

Tax Free Allowance also implies if the individual is aged under 65 but the legal partner is above 65 years and pays the tax jointly. Deal with the rising cost of living becomes challenging for the people, especially at the critical age of 60.

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Pension System In Ireland

Irish pension holders are entitled to certain reliefs and allowances based on the type of pension they receive. It has two forms of state pension. One is contributory and the other is non-contributory. Let’s discuss them in a brief to get a perfect idea of the Pension System.

Contributory Pension: During the employment life worker makes an active contribution to this pension in order to be sufficiently paid at the time of retirement. The Full State Pension does not depend on the annual income and beneficiaries holding this pension can get the advantage of additional income. The current CPR is €248.60 per week.

Tax Free Allowance Ireland for Pensioners

Non-Contributory Pension: Not all employees earn high. Some might be earning to cope with the current cost of living crises. This pension is for those who have not made any contribution to PRSI. They might be funded with the basic payment which is €266 and means-tested.

What Are Tax Exemption Limits In Ireland?

Have a look at the table for a better visual of the tax exemption limits based on different categories and exemption limits.

Category Exemption limit
For solo, widow, or surviving civil partner €18000
For married and legal couples €36000
For two children €575 (For one child)
For Subsequent child €830

These rates are only for the Seniors under the exemption limit. For individuals crossing the exemption limit, there is an additional marginal relief.

Who Can Get Tax Free Allowance?

The Tax Free Allowance can be claimed each year if the pensioner meets the eligibility norms. Check out the latest eligibility criteria to avail of the allowance payment.

  • The claimant must be an Ireland citizen or permanent visa holder.
  • The applicant must qualify for the age limit set by the Government which is 65 years or above.
  • The individuals must be jointly paying the tax or separately paying the tax for the annual income.

Age Tax Credit is the most common type of relief the pension holder provides to most of the elderly (pensioners) above the age of 65. Based on diverse categories the amount funded under the Age Tax Credit is shared below in a tabular form.

Category Payment 
For solo, widow, or surviving civil partner €245
Jointly assessed or separately assessed €490

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All You Should Know

The income tax rate chiefly depends on the annual in a family. A family with children of four is entitled to the following tax credits and reliefs.

Personal Tax Credit: Each adult in a family is eligible to claim for the amount of €1,650 as a part of this tax credit.

Children’s Tax Credit: The applicant having a child below the age of 12 years will obtain this tax credit of €1,200 for the child.

Carer’s Tax Credit: Under this tax, the amount of €1,000 will be paid to be a legal caregiver for a dependent person caring for at least 10 hours a week.

All these taxes will reduce the taxable income which simply means to pay less income tax. In addition to that, there is Home Nursing tax relief for old people who have to pay for the caregiver suffering from physical illness.

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