UK Housing Benefit – How Much Can I Get, Eligibility, Phone Number, Application

The article will discuss all the essential information regarding the UK Housing Benefit – How Much Can I Get, Eligibility, Phone Number, Application.┬áThis scheme helps beneficiaries for paying the rent who are low income. Beneficiaries want to know about the UK Housing Benefit, Application form, etc. Scroll down for more details.

UK Housing Benefit

The legal authority of the UK launched the Housing Benefit. In this benefit, the responsible management helps you in paying your rent. If your income is low or you are unemployed.

There is no fixed amount of the housing benefit. It depends on some components, like whether you rent privately or from a council. But the maximum UK housing benefits you get are equal to the rent you pay. In some other circumstances, it might be changed.

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More than approximately 13 million people are living in the UK in low-income households. Low pay has been defined on the basis of the cost of living. According to their calculation, a single person household cost is less than 25500 a year before tax.

UK Housing Benefit

UK Housing Benefit Eligibility

Beneficiaries want to know about the eligibility criteria. If they are eligible, then they take advantage of it. We shared the eligibility criteria below.

  • To claim the Housing Benefit, you must have a low income and claim other benefits, and your age is at least 16 years.
  • If you meet the universal credit criteria, then you are not eligible for the Housing benefit. But If you are not able to meet the requirements of universal credit, Then you can check the housing Benefits If you are eligible, then you can apply for this benefit to help with your rent.
  • You can make a new claim for UK Housing Benefits only if you have reached the State Pension Age. If you are unmarried, then you claim a new benefit. If you are married and live with your partner, then you and your partner both have reached State Pension Age.
  • If your savings are less than ()16000 or you are getting the guarantee part of the Pension credit, then you can be eligible for the benefit.

Everybody can apply for the Housing Benefit if they are employed or unemployed. But if you live with your partner, then you must make a joint Claim.

How Much UK Housing Benefit Will I Get?

The authority of the UK does not specify the Housing Benefit amount. This amount is total based on some factors which are mentioned in the above in this article. We share local monthly allowance rates. According to some resources, it is an estimated amount.

BRMA Cat A Cat B
Chilterns 389.90 749.99
Colchester 309.96 524.98
Coventry 336.70 490.00
Crawley and Reigate 441.50 749.90

You can also check the amount of the Housing Benefit through the valid portal.

How to Apply Online for UK Housing Benefit?

Beneficiary first checks the eligibility criteria for the Housing Benefits. We provide eligibility criteria in this article that you must check. We shared easy steps to apply for the Housing Benefits.

Step-1 Beneficiary visit the legal portal of the UK Housing Benefits.

Step-2 Go to the Scheme section. Tap on the link for the Housing Benefit Payment Application.

Step-3 Now, you enter the necessary details and submit a copy of the documents.

Step-4 After filling out the application form, recheck all the information.

Step- 5: click on the submit button and wait for approval.

This step is helpful for you in applying online. To avoid any mistakes, you must follow these steps. After completing all the steps, you wait for some time for the approval.

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UK Housing Benefit Phone Number

This article will discuss all the information related to the Housing Benefit. But if any problem occurs regarding this scheme, we share the helpline number of the UK Authority 0800 072 0042.

The housing Benefits site has also reopened. The opening timing is 8:30 AM to 5 PM at 180 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London.

Hope you all get all the relevant information and updates related to UK Housing Benefit – How Much Can I Get, Eligibility, Phone Number, Application. For more details and the latest updates, continue to visit our Home Page.

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