Seniors Aged 55+ to Get Extra $700 Payment: Is it Real? Who Qualifies and Payment Dates

Check the details about the Seniors Aged 55+ to Get Extra $700 Payment: Is it Real? Who Qualifies and Payment Dates here. The news of Seniors Aged 55+ Getting an Extra $700 Payment is causing a sense of confusion among older citizens. That is, the payment is according to the other pension plans or the rebates. Read the full article to know the vital information.

Seniors Aged 55+ to Get Extra $700 Payment

Every Year, the authorities release the extra funds by the end of the fiscal year. As the new fiscal year is approaching, it’s time for the release of the additional payments. The citizens have been waiting for this period for over a year. The last payment of the extra amount was issued by the end of March 2023. This extra amount is provided to the categories of the beneficiaries. Each category will be assigned a specific amount based on their needs and the increase in the expenditure amount.

This year, the Government of Canada has decided to release the $700 extra payment for retirees and seniors. Seniors above 55 years are eligible to receive the benefits. These extra payments are made with the collaboration of the CPP and the OAS pension plans. These amounts are part of the extra funds issued by the authorities in the previous year. Apart from these payments, there are many other benefits such as Carbon rebate, Grocery Rebate, GST/HST Rebate, and the Quebec Sales rebate that are to be released in the upcoming months.

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Is it Real?

With the increase in the consumer price index and the inflation in the country, the changes in implementation of the extra $700 Payment are high. As the new fiscal year approaches, the budget allocation will decide the amount for the fund of the benefits under CPP.

Seniors Aged 55+ to Get Extra $700 Payment

There are many discussions ongoing on the websites and the unofficial groups of the CPP and OAS pension. The news of the extra amount has created a new excitement among the seniors. However, the official news about the extra payment has yet to be declared. The authorities of CRA are expecting the implementation probability to be high. There are many other benefits that are facing the modifications, such as the CPP, OAS, GIS, and other benefits.

Who Qualifies for an Extra $700 Payment?

In this section, we will be clearing the doubts of the beneficiaries regarding their eligibility.

  • The criteria for full-time eligibility is that the candidate should be above 55 years old.
  • The applicant should retire at the age of 55 years and should be a lawful permanent resident of the country for over 10 years.
  • The candidates should be receiving the benefits under CPP and should be registered under CRA.
  • Individuals should file their tax returns on time.
  • The candidates should have no pending tax returns to be filled during the disbursement of the extra amount.
  • The candidate will be receiving 1/4th of the amount based on the calculation of the other benefits.

If the individual is eligible to receive the benefits, the notice will be sent by the authorities before the release of the disbursement. The claimant is advised to keep an eye on the “MY CRA Account” to know about the latest updates about the OAS.

The account can be accessed by people who have technical knowledge or are new to the technology. They can even get assistance from a close one to browse the portal. The help can also be taken from the Bank managers or the banking officials.

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Payment Dates Extra $700 Payment

The elders need not apply for the extra payment. If they receive the deposit of the regular benefits such as CPP, OAS, and GIS, they are eligible to receive the extra amount. The amount will be deposited soon. The date of the extra amount will be the regular deposit date of the CPP and the OAS pensions. The seniors will be receiving the benefit extra amount during the regular paychecks of the CPP pension.

The candidates are advised to check their “My Account” regularly to avoid missing the latest updates on the extra payment.

If the seniors want any changes in the documents or the details, they can make the changes through the “My Account” portal. Modifications in the details, such as the residential address and contact number, will not affect the deposit dates of the extra payments.

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