Quebec Rent Increase 2024: What is the Expected Rent increase in Quebec This Year?

Check the details about the Quebec Rent Increase 2024: What is the Expected Rent increase in Quebec This Year? If you are planning to move to Quebec or looking for a rental place in the province, you should know about the updated rental agreement of the TAL. The updated rates might affect your savings hence you should know the complete information. We have discussed the particulars about the Quebec Rent Increase 2024 in this article.

Quebec Rent Increase 2024

The tenant residing in Quebec should be aware of the 4 percent increase in the rental agreement. The TAL has introduced the agreement for the increase of the rent in the province. The landlords calculate the rent based on the guidelines provided by the TAL before increasing the rent. For example, if your rent is $1000 with the addition of the new guidelines, the updated rent will be $1040.

Due to the increase in the cost of living, the tenants are forced to face the increase in the rent. The rent increment is based on the type of living and the services provided in the rental space. The apartments or commercial spaces will also be affected by the new guidelines of the TAL. Scroll down to know more about the Quebec Rent Increase 2024.

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What Is The Expected Rent Increase In Quebec This Year?

According to the latest news, the tenants living in the house where the heat and water services are not included in the rent will see an increase of four percent. The houses with the included heat and water services will face an increase of 3.3 percent. The residency with the fuel and oils will be increased by 1.6 percent.

Quebec Rent IncreaseThe rents can be increased to 1640 with the including of the municipal taxes and the renovations in the residencies. Single-bedroom apartments will be increased by 13.9%. the rent will be boosted to $1805. Double-room flats will see a marginal increase of 5.6% with a rent of $2278. So, above mentioned will be the Expected Rent Increase in Quebec This Year.

Percentage Increase In The Rent

The increase in the rental agreement for 2024 is made official by the administration. Many of the tenants are ready to welcome the changes. But at the same time, there are few tenets, who are not happy with the increase in the tenant.

The percentage calculation considered by the TAL for the increase in the agreement is discussed below:

Components To Consider For An Increase In Rent

Percentage Of Increase For 2024


2.8 percent


7.3 percent

Oil or energy sources

10 percent

Maintenance fees

7.5 percent

Service related to the residency

5.3 percent

Private residency for seniors

6.6 percent

Net Income

5.6 percent

Management fees

3.9 percent

Acquisition Expenses

4.8 percent

The property tax will be included in some of the tenants’ agreements. The inclusion of the property tax depends upon the landlord. The average increase in the property tax will be 4.9%.

The lease agreement of the commercial spaces is different than the personal space. The rent for the business space depends upon the dimensions of the space occupied by a tenant. The electricity and the water supplies might be added to the agreement. The rent amount completely depends upon the landlord.

Notice Period For The Increase In The Rent Agreement

The landlord should send the notice period of increase before 3 to 6 months. The teenagers will be given a specific time frame to pay the increased amount. The landlords cannot change the rent for the next 12 months after the final agreement.

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  4. Canada Workers Benefit
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Once the agreement is renewed, the tenant has 30 30-day time frame to replay the agreement.

Fact Check

The tenants, who are not happy with the rent increase can refuse to pay them. In such cases, the landlords should fill out the application in TAL to modify the agreement. If the tenants are facing the threat of evicting the house for not paying, they can fill out the application of safety in TAL.

The Government has been working on the problems of the tenants and is in the process of setting up housing storage. This housing storage will be available in the upcoming years. The tenants can expect stability in the Quebec rents by the end of 2025.

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