Canada GST Payment Dates 2024 HST Netfile, Rebate, Tax Credit, Cheques

Canadian Business owners must read this article and learn in detail about GST tax credit. In this article, you will find about Canada GST Payment Dates 2024 HST Netfile, Rebate, Tax Credit, and Cheques payment.

Canada GST Payment Dates 2024

The GST, or Goods and Service Tax, is the main backbone of the Canadian tax regime. This tax is applied to all goods and services that you purchase in the country hence, it increases the cost of the products. So, in order to provide financial assistance to moderate-income families, the Canadian government has implemented the GST credit system.  The citizens of Canada are keen to know the Canada GST Payment Dates 2024.

Therefore, here we would like to resolve this query by stating that GST Payment dates were made on January 5, April 5, and July 5, and the next upcoming GST payment date will fall on October 5, 2024. Your 2022 tax return information was used to determine your annual GST/HST credit in 2024, which you will get in four payments. Stay on this article if you desire to know more about Canada GST Payment Dates and related information.

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What is meant by GST Payment?

The GST/HST payment is a financial perk offered by the federal government that helps reduce the amount of GST and HST that customers are charged over the course of a tax year. With four annual (quarterly) non-taxable payments, the credit is available to spouses, families, and individuals with low to moderate net earnings.

Canada GST Payment Dates

Your family’s size, the number of kids you have, and your net income all affect how much GS you receive. To ascertain your eligibility for and the amount of the GST credit, use the online GST/HST Credit Calculator provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Canada GST Payment Overview 2024

Article Name Canada GST Payment Dates 2024
Responsible Organisation Canada Revenue Agency
Country Canada
Aim To provide financial assistance to the citizens over GST tax.
GST Credit Rate 8-10%
CRA Online Portal

Canada HST Netfile

HST Netfile or GST Netfile is an online tool that makes it simple for companies to file their harmonized sales tax/goods and services tax (GST/HST) filings. This further enables you to be aware of your qualified refunds and submit information online directly to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Businesses can avoid sending time-consuming and challenging paper forms by employing this service. Interested registrants can access the online forms on the CRS official page in the “Ready to file” section and fill them out with the necessary data.

Once the data has been entered, you indicate that you want to file the data with the CRA. A confirmation number will be given to you right away. The platform enables individuals to obtain GST returns more quickly. It is a quick and effective way to provide the necessary data and follow developments immediately.

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Canada GST Rebate Eligibility

It’s not too difficult to meet the requirements for the GST/HST credit. For consideration, it is essential that:

  • You must be 19 years of age or older and a resident of Canada or
  • having a spouse/common-law partner who is a parent and resides (or has resided) with your child or
  • If you are not a native of Canada or are under 19 years old, you must have a Common law-partner from Canada.

Depending on whether or not you have children, you’ll need to fill out some documents if you’re a newcomer to Canada and want to be eligible for the GST/HST credit.

Canada GST Tax Credit Receive

You will not have to apply separately for the Canada GST Tax credit. The Revenue Department of Canada will reassess it itself and calculate whether you owe GST tax credit or not. If you’ve already set up direct deposit through your online bank for ITR refunds, it ought to be simple. The Canada GST Payment 2024 will show up in your registered bank account.

A cheque will be mailed to you if you have selected that option, however, the processing time will be longer. Within 10 business days of the date notified for Canada GST Payment, your payment should arrive. If not, then you should get in touch with the CRA authorities if you don’t get paid.

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      • Don’t hold your breath…

        I did read, if we had put our CPP savings in a regular investment company, we would be very comfortable financially. My husband passed 2 years ago, they took his pension from our finances. My rent didn’t go down, the hydro didn’t go down. All my bills went up, I didn’t get a pass at the gas station, insurance company, TV company, telephone company, pharmacy bills, all the other costs of living on a pitiful pension still having to work at 73, in poor health, so me ans my cat are homeless. They welcomed us as immigrants when we were in our prime and filled the labour shortage for Fabricator Fitters with our two sons who now are contributing to Canadas finances.

        The only thing, apart from my heart đź’”, was a smaller amount of savings on food my husband wasn’t here to eat.

        No family to help me, little support from government agencies…

        When you become 65 years old, you are a burden on the system. All the taxes we paid on homes, DIY, vacations. cars, fuel. Income tax, FST, HST. GST, Carbon tax, counts for NOTHING. We are tossed out like yesterday’s newspapers… I would apologize for venting but I needed to let it all out, it’s something anyone else would think and feel the same being in my situation … Not sorry at all…

    • I concur Mary . With prices rising like crazy , especially FOOD !! The paltry pension I receive doesn’t allow me to purchase good “quality” food items necessary for good Health .

    • Hello Sir/ Madam,
      Do you think the cost of living seniors too?
      If so when are you going to increased the payments for the seniors? Please think about these citizens, they need help in deed. Thanks!

      • Me either, they took mine to pay off a tax bill I had already paid them. They owe me $777,44. I told them I am gonna charge them 1% on their overdue account, they laughed at me…

    • These CRA crooks stole 27 920.29$ from my bank account on January 12th 2023. I’m suing these imbeciles for fraud, theft, extortion. Simply unreal how incompetent theses CRA agents are.

    • Trudeau is too busy trying to stay as premier he sacrifices the poor, seniors, vets.
      He doesn’t need to worry about his balanced meals.
      Giving places like Haiti 50 million instead of looking after Canadians.

  1. I agree when will all seniors going to get a big enough raise that we can pay all our bills and get some food in our homes it seems as the Government takes from senoins and by the time we have our rent ,bills ,there’s not much left for food

  2. First government gives seniors a few dollars more, then turns around only to put it in the tax bracket. Why bother???

  3. Seniors who live under the yearly money amount need more because of many different reasons and hardly enough left for food …where if they don’t get proper diet our immune system is weaker and more prone to an earlier death than we expected….Is that what the government we elected in wants ??

    • The government of canada doesnt care if we eat cat food. Trudeau has the best of everything. He couldn’t care less if we starve to death. Cat food is too expensive. Another christmas with no present, no turkey. God give me grace to handle it all. I dont have any hope of going on.

      Definite yes.

    • Non of Party is good. My wife and I are senior . Our Cpp, OAS, and GIS is just enough to pay our rent. I’m now is 70 years of age, but I still have to work for living tough my knees are in pain. I’m doing labor work . We receive two hundred something for GST/PST quarterly. We can just use less than half of my pay cheque. I use it for paying car insurance, gas, electricity, phone charges, foods medicines and so on. I have to work and can’t retire.

  4. Why they are not increasing the Aish every things is going up rent, food, bills and gas and we need extra money to get good food for our health.

  5. According to my bank I am now a senior at 60..whatever this means..I still work with emphysema..spondylitis and a major bladder problem 🤺 I fight it tooth and nail when I wake up at 3:a.m. to go to work ..I should be staying home..especially in winter months. I take a bus..I should be getting somewhere with my income but I am not. I barely make it and I have downsized only to be in the same is so frustrating and believe me I am tired..but survival keeps me going..having no choice keeps me going..maybe one day I will have choice again..maybe..

  6. Honesty, my husband if from Cyprus and grew up here in Canada but ever since covid hit even a bit before covid he doesn’t not want to be here no more. We have to work extremely extra hard and extra long hours even give up our weekend that we spend with our children to work to make money because we can’t afford to feed ourselves and our children. This is getting horrible for us born and raised in our own country have to suffer more then people coming from different countries into Canada get free houses cars and money. I feel they should take care of their Canadian citizens first before anyone else. I have so much more to say but I don’t want to go there. They need to up everything to where everyone is living comfortably and nit having a hard time struggling.

    • I totally agree with you they should take care of elderly and disable person who worked most of thier life’s and today can’t afford to better food because it to expensive and gas well we can’t travel as before and I am disable to work and disability pension plan age 61 so I cut food out to pay rent and other things like life insurance and home car insurance etc. So wake up Canadian government and take care of us before accepting other family from other countries.

  7. If there’s not enough money for Canadians then stop giving billions to other countries ,here in Canada we get crums if there’s any crums left to get.

  8. Seniors have paid taxes all their lives only to be taken for granted when it comes to CPP and OAS.
    They should be valued in this society for their contributions. They should be compensated accordingly.

  9. That sucks me and my husband hasn’t gotten no increase either were still struggling were having it really bad too some Thanksgiving were having regular meals like chicken potatoes and veggies not included the works minus pie icecream minus cranberry sauce and thanks to the government he is full of shit thought was suppose to be up to 650 no we didn’t get thanks alot for nothing bye.

  10. Going to be lots and lots of pissed off people today especially when we all thought we were getting the same as last time they gave it out . And just to get the normal gst is bullshit especially when everything has gone up high in prices and salaries haven’t . Lots of people including myself expected this kind of help . Trudeau needs to give us some of his money and let him live like we r living poorly . Show him how it feels !!! Greedy government is all I can say !

  11. You don’t want my straight forward opinion. I have no use for the greedy government and they’re so called generosity. The food payment they gave us a few months back calculated out to oh my God .61.cents a day. Sorry can’t by a can a Tuna or loaf of bread. Can’t by a can of cat food what are we supposed to eat. Seniors need more increases in their money. These are the people who worked tirelessly paid taxes built this country with their sweat. Seniors can’t eat healthy because by the time they put a roof over their heads. Their screwed for food at the cost it’s ridiculous. I’m disabled and make very little money on my pension, like a lot of people. I’m trying to go back to work full time. I know they will cut my pensions if I do. But screw them I have to live and if that means enduring pain so be it. At least I’ll be able to buy food, pay my bills, and maybe a new pair of runners or boots for the winter. All I’m saying the government has abandoned hardworking people who built this country. They give drug addicts free needles and drugs places to shoot up. But someone with diabetes or cancer or has major migraines and needs this they have to pay for needles strips, the chemo med some of the migraine meds the good ones cost get this the cheapest $260.00 for 6 yes 6 pills it not covered under the governments beautiful plans. You know what I said my Peace. The government can go F themselves. I’ll take care of me. Unfortunately there are a lot of seniors who are not able to get back to work especially if you are in your late 70 to late 80’s. Have a great day. I am tenacious my disability will not stop me from being able to eat, cloth, and house myself. I worked hard all my life and like millions of others just like me seniors are being treated like second class citizens and given nothing for their due diligence. It’s seems like a lot of new comers to Canada get everything and we born and bread gave our blood sweat and tears to raise a family not take charity had pride in their country and themselves are tossed away like garbage. Sorry I’ll stand up for the seniors disabled and myself. I have pride in myself and everyone struggling to make ends meat. These government officials should be made to live off of $1600.00 a month pay everything food, meds,clothing, housing, utilities. For six months no help from anyone if they can make it they belong in power. Screw the government and the silver spoon they were raised with. Great have a great day

  12. I have 6 kids and have no income and also a full time student. My yearly income for 2022 tax year was only $111 and I am receiving nothing from the government at all and we’re struggling to survive especially with how expensive groceries are. Can’t even afford feeding my family and keeping up with my bills and rent. I can’t work because there’s no money to pay for childcare. How would it look like if half (majority) of the population end up homeless unless they put an end to the inflation or at least start paying everyone some money to cover the cost of living.

  13. Yes Seniors need an increase in all Government Suppliments. It’s just not enough….Teachers pensions are out of this world . So should ours be who have also worked. .

  14. I am a mother of 6 children and a full time student with no income. I can’t work because I don’t have money to pay for childcare. I am receiving nothing at all from the government and we’re struggling hard trying to survive. With the outrageously high prices for groceries it’s hard to feed the family. They should end the inflation or at least start paying everyone enough to afford the cost of living. No one should have to live like this.

  15. Even though the Government G.S.T.payment wasn’t what a lot of people thought it would be not to worry election time is getting nearer so expect some kind of hand out, in the mean time suck it up.

  16. How about cutting the GST completely and the tax down to 5%
    GST was never supposed to permanent it was meant to be temporary many many years ago.
    Just another cash grab for the government.

  17. The government only gave gst what a bunch of liers
    And people still listen to the liers I took all covid-19 shots and booster and still got it twice

  18. The Government of Canada doesn’t care about its citizens…plain and simple. Trudeau is a p.o.s. if you owe the government, they want it right away and will take it before you even see it. On the other hand, when they owe you, they make you jump through many hoops and it takes months to get anywhere. Trudeau has taxed everything that our people NEED. There needs to be a solidarity from the Canadian citizens to get something done. You dont get to take peoples hard earned money and get away with it. Its called THEFT… We are now a 3rd world county. They dole out 6 billion dollars in foreign aide but cant use that money for thier own people? How about using that money to take care of CANADIANS?? Maybe help out the homeless situation that Trudeau has caused by bringing in refugees and such? Ill bet that 1 stipulation refugees have to agree to in order to come to Canada is that they MUST vote for this criminal to enter. Trudeau needs to go back to his dads country because we all know that Pierre isnt his dad…….

  19. We all got Duped by Trudeau !!! As previously commented, Election coming up, was a publicity stunt to gain Votes! So now maybe people that DONT VOTE or Vote with the Majority, will Smarten up and Vote a different way! BE THE CHANGE ! Or at least try. Thank you!
    Jennifer in Hamilton

  20. It has come to my attention a long time ago that the Government needs to think clearly on what they give to Canadians and we were supposed to get our GST doubled today October 5th I got just a normal payment which I was disappointed to receive And they better start looking at the Seniors of this Country millions and millions of dollars go out to Other people when they come here I don’t have a problem with Canada helping others but when True Canadians are living on the streets and starving that’s a real devastating fact and The Money I get isn’t enough for even a month I get 963.00 a month Medical Welfare and my rent is 700.00 just for a bedroom and that leaves me 263.00 dollars to live on for a whole month they seriously should be giving Permanant Recipients an income close to the amount of Aish people and I have applied many times to Aish with Doctors proof and also Mental health proof and still get turned down and many of the people I personally know are on Aish and are working to so I ask how can this be because their applications for Aish you almost have to be dead to get it and then people are WORKING come on this is alot of lies and there are people who can work and still get Aish when I suffer in pain alot and can’t even get that even with Medical evidence from a Doctor so I say the Government better give people Aish once they have been deemed a Permanent on Alberta Works without them having to APPLY FOR IT AND AS FOR SENIORS THEY NEED ALOT MORE MONEY CARE HOMES AND ALL THE COSTS THAT GO WITH IT COME ON PEOPLE TAKE CARE OF THE ONES THAT WERE BORN AND RAISED TO THIS COUNTRY FIRST THEN OF COURSE HELP OTHERS BUT KOOK AT US FIRST THIS IS OUR HOME COUNRTY SHOW US WE MEAN SOMETHING AND THATS COMING FROM A TRUE CANADIAN DO THAT AND YOU WILL BE THE BEST GOVERNMENT EVER THAT GOES AS FEDERAL AND PROVINCIAL Than you for allowing me to be a voice for the poor Canadians and Seniors of CANADA

  21. I thought we were getting more on GST,
    I only got $220,
    The food prices are high I was really expecting the same as last GST,

  22. I live on ODSP and was told that I will get $500 back in July, then on the phone with the cra for hours claimed the reason why I didn’t get the 500 at one time was cuz it was to be given to me quarterly…well guess what, that was a god damn lie. I didn’t receive a bloody red cent yesterday

  23. Google said that most people on DWP benefits will receive the next cost of living payment between 31 October and 19 November 2023

    Is that us


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