Sole Parent Support NZ: Who is Eligible for it? Payment Dates and Amount, How to Claim it?

Check the details about the Sole Parent Support NZ: Who is Eligible for it? Payment Dates and Amount, How to Claim it? here. The Parliament of New Zealand has announced a new benefit helping single parents with child care. The complete details about Sole Parent Support are discussed in this article.

Sole Parent Support NZ

The benefit is issued to provide financial assistance to single parents with child care. The amount is issued as a weekly deposit. the benefit covers all the expenses of the child’s care from its diaper to the school fees. The support is provided until the child is independent or working as a part-time or full-time employee.

The parents working and the child is under the caregiver who is not related to the family or is in the child care center will be issued additional support that covers all the expenses of the care center.  For families with more than one child, support will be issued per kid in the household. The child under the shared care will affect the amount of the benefits. The amount will be deposited depending upon the spend with the child.

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Who is Eligible for Sole Parent Support NZ?

There are certain eligibility requirements to be fulfilled to receive the allowance. the basic requirement to receive the allowance is discussed in this section.

  • The candidate should be the permanent president of the country and should provide valid documents such as electricity, water, and fuel bills to prove their residency.
  • The immigrants applying for the allowance should have the visa documents and related documents as per the immigration act 2009.


  • The parent should be above 19 years old to receive the benefit.
  • Only the single parent or the caregivers are eligible to apply for the benefit.
  • The amount is issued for children below 17 years old and under the parents’ care.
  • The candidates with any certain relationship or the law partners are not eligible for the payment.

The income and the asset value will be considered for the benefit. The deduction in the amount will be calculated based on the income of the parent and the expenses of the family.

Sole Parent Support Payment Dates 2024

The amount is disbursed with the weekly frequency. The parents will be choosing the date and the day of disbursement during the application filling process.

However, the benefit is applicable for 52 weeks only and the candidates need to reapply for the payment after every deadline. the delay in reapplying will affect the amount of the disbursement.

Sole Parent Support Amount 2024

The basic amount to be received by the solar parent is $ 440.96. The tax credits are included in the specified amount. The child under the care center will receive the additional amount of $50 as the service of the centers.

The additional amount will be issued for the children with medical issues. The disability benefit will be included in the weekly payment for the physically and mentally impaired children. The hospital bills and the other requirements for the treatment will be covered by the benefit amount.

However, there are certain deductions applied for the amount depending upon the situation of the parent. A few of the deductions are discussed below:

Any income between $160 to $250 will affect the amount by a deduction of 30 percent from the annual deposit. every $1 above the limit will lead to the deduction of a certain amount. The income above $250 will lead to a 70 percent deduction of the payment.

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How to Claim Sole Parent Support?

The candidates can apply for the benefit through their “MyMSD” account for can even apply through the offline application filling in the nearest department of Inland Revenues.

  • The parents applying for the allowance for the first time should create the “MyMSD” account and log in to it to fill out the details.
  • The application form takes around 30 to 60 minutes to be filled with all the personal and primary contact details.
  • The documents that are required while applying for the allowance are
  • The residential proof
  • The birth certificate of the child.
  • The bank account details.
  • The educational expenses bills for the children attending school.
  • Income supplement and employment documents.
  • If they are receiving the other allowance such as the jobseeker or the child care benefit, they should provide the documents and the deposit history of the allowance.
  • The candidates should provide the medical history and the other bills for the disabled child.
  • The applicants review the terms and conditions and review their application to check the minimal mistakes and submit the form.

The verification process will be carried forward for certain dates and the claimants will receive the notice of approval a few days prior to the disbursement of the amount.

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