Parenthood Tax Rebate 2024: How Much is The Rebate Amount? Who Can Claim it? All We Know

Check the details about the Parenthood Tax Rebate 2024: How Much is The Rebate Amount? Who Can Claim it? All We Know here. The Government has implemented the Parenthood Tax Rebate to support young and working parents across the country. the complete details about the rebate are discussed in this article.

Parenthood Tax Rebate 2024

The rebate is issued for the childcare of the dependent children. The parents, guardian or the divorced or widowed parents are eligible to receive the amount. The rebate depends upon the number of children in the household. Each child will have specific rebates. The raising of the child comes with a fair share of expenses.

The parents sharing the custody of the child should apply for the rebate jointly. And the amount will depend upon the time spent with the child. The amount will be contributed based on their carer and the living of the child. There are many young parents that are worried about their finances and raising their child. To help such parents the authorities have implemented the parenthood rebate.

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Who Can Claim Parenthood Tax Rebate?

There are certain eligibility requirements to receive the amount. The basic requirements for receiving the amount are discussed in this section.

  • The parents should be permanent residents of the country. They should have the residential proof such as the electricity bill, water, and fuel bills to prove their residency.
  • The child should be born in the country. For children born outside the country, they should provide a birth certificate and other related documents.

Parenthood Tax Rebate

  • The parents should be the primary guardian of the child.
  • For the child receiving their education, should provide the details about the educational institutes and their expenses.
  • For the children that are adopted, the PTR should be filed by the guardians or the new parents. The documents of the adoption are mandatory for their rebate.
  • The working single mother should provide the documents of their employment such as the salary slip and the employer details.
  • The annual income of both parents will be considered for calculating the amount of the disbursement.
  • The parents should fill out the pending tax returns of the previous year to receive the allowance.

The divorced couple sharing custody will receive the amount t as per their contribution to the child’s expenses.

How Much is The Rebate Amount?

The amount issued for the rebate depends upon the children in the family. Each child will receive a specific amount as per the regulations. The amount received by each child is detailed briefly in the below table:

Child Order PTR for the child born from 2007 to 2018 PTR for the child born after 2018
first child $0 $5,000
second child $10,000 $10,000
third child $20,000 $20,000
four children $20,000 $20,000
five or more children $0 $20,000 per child

The additional amount is issued to single and working women. The person working as a foreign worker will receive additional support from the authorities. If one spouse passes away, the amount will be issued based on the credit claim rate of the single parent.

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All We Know About Parenthood Tax Rebate

If the candidate is a single mother and a working woman, and their child is under the care of their grandparents, these kids are eligible to receive the Grandparent Child Care relief of $3000.  The authorities have set the various components in the parenthood rebate. Some of the rebates are discussed in this section.

Working Mother Child Relief

The relief is for working women with the child under 16 years old. these funds will help to relieve the financial burden of the mother. the fund will cover the basic expenses like transport and a few percent of the educational expenses. The rebate offers around $8000 per child. The amount depends upon the annual income of the mother and the number of children in the household.

Grand Parent Care Relief

The grandparents taking care of the children with no parents or the working parents will receive the rebate for the child care. The rebate will cover all the expenses of the child from the foster care to the institute’s fees. The amount is issued for the grandparents who are not working and have a limited income.

Foreign Domestic Worker

The special benefit is issued for domestic workers under child care or non-profit organizations. The amount depends on the work commitment of the candidates. The rebate is the source for managing the rework and raising the child.

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