Maternity Benefit Ireland: What Day is it paid? Payment Amount, Eligibility, New Changes

Check the details about the Maternity Benefit Ireland: What Day is it paid? Payment Amount, Eligibility, New Changes here. The women planning for the baby should know about the maternity benefit issued by the Government. The amount is to support the women during their pregnancy and manage their expenditures. Interested candidates will get the complete details about the Maternity Benefit Ireland from this article.

Maternity Benefit Ireland

The benefit is issued as a Part of the Social Insurance (PRSI). The amount is issued to support the women who are on leave from work. The amount is issued to the employees and the self-employed candidates also. The receiver should apply for the benefit in the first trimester. The benefit will cover all the expenses of pregnancy. The amount will be issued till the woman is on leave.

As an employee, the woman has the right to have 26 weeks of maternity leave. They can also apply for 16 weeks of post-maternity leave. If they have enough Social Security Insurance, they are eligible to receive the maternity benefit. For social insurance, the candidates have to pay the tax returns on time and should have no dues during the maternity benefit.

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Maternity Benefit Payment Amount 2024

The amount of the benefit depends upon the leave of the candidates and the income of the candidates. The amount will be calculated based on the monthly expenditure of the candidates. The standard amount of the maternity benefit is €201.45 per week. The amount will be issued for 66 weeks of maternity leave.

Maternity Benefit Ireland

The candidates in self-employment and not paying the national insurance are eligible to receive between €31.54 and €201.45 a week. The timeline for this amount is 39 weeks. While the other candidates paying the national insurance will receive the minimum amount of €201.45 per week.

What Day is the Maternity Benefit Paid?

The maternity benefit will be paid according to the timeline of the leave. For the leave period of 39 weeks the amount is disbursed during the first month. While for leave of more than 40 weeks, the amount will be deposited in the 12 weeks.

The general amount is issued every 2 to 4 weeks. The amount is deposited through the direct deposit method. The candidates who have paid the PRSI conditions will receive the deposit the day after the leave starts.

Maternity Benefit Eligibility 2024

There are certain eligibility requirements to be followed in order to receive the amount. the basic requirements are discussed in this section.

  • The candidates should be employed but not receive the Statutory Maternity Pay.
  • The applicants who have recently stopped working are also eligible for the benefit.
  • The women should be employed for a minimum of 26 weeks.
  • The self-employed candidates should pay Class 2 National Insurance including the Voluntary National Insurance to receive the amount.
  • The minimum earning of the candidates should be €35.05 per week.
  • The women included in the business of their spouses are also reliable to receive the benefit.

The PRIS contribution is mandatory for eligibility. The candidates being members of the defence force should be paying the PRIS-H Insurance. This is because they are eligible to receive military pay during maternity leave.

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How to Claim the Maternity Benefit Ireland?

The candidates can apply for the benefit while being pregnant for 26 weeks. They can download the maternity benefit from the official website and can apply for the benefit offline. The documents that are required to claim the benefit are:

  • Proof of income such as employment salary slip.
  • Proof of babies’ due dates on the MATB1 certificate.
  • The SMP1 form if the candidates have not applied for the Statutory Maternity Pay.
  • Information about the partner’s self-employment and their role in it.
  • The birth certificate of the baby, if claiming the amount after the baby is born.

The candidates will receive the SMS if they have successfully registered and are eligible to receive the allowance.

Maternity Benefit New Changes 2024

The modifications are made in the leaves so that the fathers can also apply for maternity leave. The father can apply for 2 weeks of leave during the birth of the baby. In the case where the mother dies during labor, the father can apply for the first 6 months of delivery.

They can apply for the benefit and will be paid according to their income and the expenditure of the foster care. The fathers cannot postpone the leaves. The benefit is provided to the mothers to postpone the leaves or apply for additional leave.

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