March 2024 Maternity Allowance: How Much is Maternity Allowance? How to Apply? Dates

Read all on the March 2024 Maternity Allowance: How Much is Maternity Allowance? How to Apply? Dates. The UK has Statutory maternity Leave of 52 weeks. It is further bifurcated into two types namely: Ordinary Maternity Leave and Additional Maternity Leave which are 26 weeks each. We have shared this post to familiarize our viewers with all the latest updates on the March Maternity Allowance.

March 2024 Maternity Allowance

The maternity payment amount in the UK is often determined by the Statutory regulation and the employer’s policy. Individuals can also negotiate regarding maternity pay with the employer considering the rising cost of living professionally.

The eligible will be paid for the first six weeks with 90% of their weekly earnings. And with £172.48 for the next remaining weeks. Parenthood is advised to calculate their payment using the Maternity Pay Calculator available on the official site. In case any maternity holder has worked for the employer during the qualifying week before the is due.

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How Much is Maternity Allowance?

Most pregnant women receive approximately £6,000 as guaranteed by the state along with additional payment paid by the employers. Citizens who adopt a child are entitled to adoption leave which is same as the maternity leave. The benefit amount for the MA is £172.48 each week.

March Maternity Allowance

The maternity leave is paid to almost all the pregnant ladies who are freshers or not but have worked for 80 days in the same company. In UK the maternity leave is approximately a year. Women can rejoin the world as per their choice before the maternity period ends.

March Maternity Allowance Eligibility

Under Statutory law as long as the birth parent meets the requirements, they are entitled to Maternity Allowance. Here are some of the eligibility norms that must be considered to receive the Statutory Maternity Leave.

  • Applicants must be UK citizens or PR holders within the state.
  • Individuals who are earning below £120 within a week.
  • Give the prior notice and accurate proof of being pregnant.
  • Motherhood has worked actively for 26 weeks constantly for the employer into the qualifying week.

The Compulsory maternity leave for 2 weeks will be paid after the birth of the infant.

Importance Of Maternity Leave

Directly putting the infant the daycare is not advisable for the mother and will not provide them quality care. Paid Maternity Leaves help with financial funding along with rearing the upcoming child with proper care and focus.

Almost 50 percent of the employees in the nation are female. Without the support of Maternity Leave unemployment may increase for both the women as well the employer. The cost of Maternity Support provided by the financial funding can alleviate the financial hardships and mental health of any new mother.

Globally developed countries offer equal rights to parenting leaves. Employees are also entitled to take 1 to 2 weeks of Paternity Leave by law. Statutory Paternity leave can be claimed only at post-birth.

How to Apply For Maternity Allowance?

The Maternity Payment will start 11 weeks prior to the baby’s born. To apply for the maternity Allowance eligibles have to fill out the MA1 form. All the data regarding employment 66 weeks before the new one is born must be included while filing out the application.

Collect all the required documents to fill out the application which includes proof of income, Reports of due and birth dates, and additional proof.

Additional information includes the SMP1 form, in case the employee rejects the Stationary Maternity Pay. The weekly payment of £184.03 will be paid to the applicant after successfully being registered for the Maternity Allowance.

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Maternity Allowance Payment Dates 2024

Maternity Payment dates generally depend on the week parenthood is expecting to have the baby. Suppose the dates lie between 3 March to 9 March the date from which the amount can be claimed will be 26 November 2023. We shared a chart for those who are expecting the baby in March 2024.

March 2024 Dates Test Period Last Day 15th Week Payment Claiming Date
3 March-9 March 2 March 2024 19 Nov 2023 26 Nov 2023
10 March-16 March 9 March 2024  26 Nov 2023 3 Dec 2023
17 March- 23 March 16 March 2024  3 Dec 2023  10 Dec 2023
24 March- 30 March 23 March 2024 10 Dec 2023 17 Dec 2023
31 March- 6 April 30 March 2024 17 Dec 2023 24 Dec 2023

Test Period: The time duration of 66 weeks before the baby is born is called the test period.

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