2024 SASSA Grant Change: All SASSA Grants Changes in 2024, What You Should Know

Check the details about the SASSA Grant Changes 2024: Changes in All SASSA Grants in 2024, What Everyone Should Know here. The SASSA grant changes can be observed in all the payments provided to the beneficiaries. Read the article to get the facts.

SASSA Grant Changes 2024

The SASSA handouts are an essential part of economic development. The authorities of South Africa have initiated welfare programs for the support of underprivileged families and seniors with a source of income. In the last quarter, the authorities of SASSA declared that the grants’ funds would be increased for each category. The grants were increased by 5 per cent in the monthly segments.

The citizens were overwhelmed with the grant increase and expected that the rise might be extended until the next fiscal year. The basic paychecks were increased to R10. The changes that are expected in the grants are detailed in this article.

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What Is SASSA?

The SASSA is an agency that provides social assistance to the citizens of South Africa. The agency is part of the government body. The agency manages all the tasks related to the grant. The amount of the grants is deposited in the monthly paychecks.

SASSA Grant Changes 2024

The basic pay for the grant was R350. The amount has been raised with the category of the grant. The household’s annual income is mandatory to calculate the amount of the fund for each residency. The amounts can be withdrawn from SASSA’s rental subsidies. The amount can also be received through the direct deposit method.

Changes in All SASSA Grants in 2024

With the increase in inflation, the legal clauses are being modified, and the appraisal for the extension in the handouts will be submitted to the council. If the councillors approve the clause, the applicants might see the changes in their grants.

The extension of the grants was initiated in October 2023 and has been effective to date. The changes that were implemented are listed in the below section.

Change in the Child Grant

The child grant is issued to families with child care. The families will be receiving the grants per child in the household. The basic pay for the child grant was R500. With the grant increase, the amount has been boosted to R510. The candidates have been receiving the amount till this month’s grant.

Change in the Pension Grant

The pension grant is provided to the seniors who have retired. The Retirees have these grants as their only source of income for the living. The grant provides moral support to the pensioners. The basic pay for the retirees was R1900. The amount has been increased by 5 per cent. The updated amount is R1987.

Changes In The Disability Grants

The disability grant is provided to applicants who are disabled and unemployed due to their medical condition. Temporary and permanent disability are two factors under these grants. Both factors will be receiving the amount as per their financial instability. The general amount of the grant was R2070. The amount has been increased to R2080.

Changes In The War Veteran Grants

The grants are issued to the applicants who are war retirees or the families of the war deceased. The basic amount of the grant was R2005. The authorities have increased the amount of this grant to R2105.

SASSA Payment And Date

The applicant is receiving the amount of the grant at a 30-day frequency. The disbursement dates are different to avoid confusion among the citizens who receive more than one grant. The payment and the date of each category of the grant are detailed in the table below:


Payment Date

Amount Of Deposit

Child Support

6th February 2024


Disability Grant

5th February 2024


Retirement Grant

2nd February 2024


War Veteran Grants

2nd February 2024


Suppose there are any delays in the disbursement. The amount will be deposited by the end of next week. That is, all the applicants will be receiving the grants by February 14, 2024.

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What Everyone Should Know

The authorities have increased the funds for the grants for 2024. The funds have been raised to R36 billion. This year, the authorities have anticipated an increase in many grants. The Africans must visit the official website and register for the grant.

The declaration of the legal clause will be by the end of February. The applicants have to wait until the end of this month to know about further details for the grant modification. We will share all the details about the changes in the grants and the details of the legal clause through our articles.

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