Facebook Settlement Amount Per Person in March 2024: Payment Dates and Updates

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Facebook Settlement Amount Per Person

A federal court in California has given final permission to Facebook’s $725 million class action privacy settlement. Following Facebook’s multi-million dollar settlement of a privacy lawsuit this year, millions of users have sought to get a share of the money that the social media company agreed to pay out as part of the settlement.

You probably want to know how much the Facebook Settlement Amount Per Person will be if you’re one of the millions of people who filed a legitimate claim. It is with great pleasure that we announce the discharge of the 725 million USD settlement payment by the corporation. Each user will so get $30 USD on average.

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In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about Facebook Settlement Amount Per Person, and the eligibility to make a claim for this settlement amount.

Understanding Facebook Settlement

A lawsuit against the corporation for sharing the data has been launched by millions of consumers. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, made an announcement on the amount that customers will get as settlement.

Facebook Settlement Amount Per Person

The US court ultimately ordered the business to settle the complaint, paying a fine of $25 million and allocating $725 million in settlement funds to the customers. The sum must be released to the users within the 90-day period set by the court.

It is anticipated that consumers would get their last payment within the first few months of 2024. To claim the settlement sum, a large number of users have completed the application form. Before the money is released, the firm will verify these applications. August 2023 saw the completion of these applications.

Facebook Settlement Amount Overview

Article Title Facebook Settlement Amount Per Person
Country USA
Settlement Amount $725 million
Judgement Date 10th October 2023
Eligible Duration 24th May 2007 to 22nd December 2022
Payment Date Expected in March, 2024
Amount Per Person $30
Online Porta; facebookuserprivacysettlement.com

Who will Get Facebook Settlement?

Users have registered in excess of 2 billion times for the Settlement amount. Not every application will be compensated with the same amount. The user must fulfill a few requirements in order to get the money. Based on the length of time spent on the app and the online data breach, the user will get the amount.

An active account from 2007 to 2022 is required of the user completing the application. It should have taken the user more than six hours to utilize the program. We will not give the settlement sum to users that have fraudulent accounts. Users may submit an application if they believe their right to privacy has been infringed.

Facebook Settlement Payout Date

An average compensation of $30 per participant is anticipated. Prior to August 25th, almost 17 million legitimate claims were submitted. The amount that each person receives will differ according on how long they had a Facebook account during the qualifying period.

Judge Vince Chhabria predicted in his decision that the money will be distributed 90 days following final approval of the settlement, which would place the commencement date in early March 2024.

The payment method you choose on your claims application will be used to give you your money. When submitting a claim, you will have the option of receiving funds via PayPal, Venmo, a prepaid Mastercard, Zelle, or a physical check sent to your address. If you specified a choice on the application form, the paper check can also be posted to your address.

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Facebook Settlement Claim Status

During the last few weeks, there have been 500,000 Americans who anticipated receiving a Check 2024 for Facebook privacy settlement. Nonetheless, the business has turned away almost 50,000 applications. Due to incomplete documentation or fraudulent applications submitted in order to get the funds, these applications are denied.

The organization in charge of overseeing the compensation fund, Angeion, is presently reviewing the 28 million claims that have been submitted. For handling the Facebook Settlement Claim 2024, Angeion created a claims portal that has the most up-to-date information on the Facebook privacy settlement. The company’s phone number may be reached through the website.

If your claim is one of the unfortunate ones that is rejected, you may have already gotten an email message. Verify that the email address you supplied when submitting the claim application is in your inbox and spam folder. If you were turned down, you have ten days to appeal the decision.

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