£65 Weekly Extra Winter Energy Bills Support Payment in UK: Eligiblity and How to Apply?

Check out the details on £65/Week Extra Support Payment for Winter Energy Bills in UK: Who is Eligible and How to Apply? from this article. Different details regarding £65/Week Extra Support Payment for Winter Energy Bills in UK: Who is Eligible and How to Apply? and other substantial information are included in this article.

£65/Week Extra Support Payment

The winter fuel payment is given to those citizens who were born before September 25, 1957. Although this payment is for citizens who are living in the UK, people living abroad can also get this payment in some situations.

The government is likely to start paying an extra £65/Week Support Payment for eligible citizens starting December 2023. This payment will further assist people to get some relief from the high winter energy bills.

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£65/Week Extra Support Payment for Winter Energy Bills in UK

The extra support payment of £65/Week will be introduced in light of the increasing winter energy bills in the UK. Many citizens face higher energy bills during the winter season. Due to this, they can potentially face financial difficulties.

£65Week Extra Support Payment

In order to reduce the burden on people in paying high energy bills, the government offers winter fuel payments, Warm Home discounts, and cold whether payments. In addition, some local councils may also offer assistance to the citizens from the household support fund.

Who is Eligible and How to Apply?

The complete list of eligibility criteria for the £65/Week Extra Support Payment will be provided by the government in due course. However, the payments are likely to be automatically made to eligible citizens.

This means that there will be no need to apply anywhere to receive the £65/Week Payment. Thousands of citizens are likely to receive this extra payment that will provide financial assistance to pay off their high winter energy bills.

More details on the eligibility and other relevant aspects of the £65/Week Extra Support Payment will be provided by the UK Government on its authorized web portal in due course.

According to the information, this £65/Week Extra Support Payment is an annual one-off payment from the DWP. This payment is likely to be issued in batches to eligible citizens throughout the winter season.

It is possible that this payment will be made to those who have a low income. Therefore, people should keep an eye on any deposits from the government. Moreover, people should also wait for the government to make an announcement about the extra support payment of £65/Week.

What is Winter Fuel Payment?

People who meet the eligibility to receive a winter fuel payment are automatically paid by the government. They usually receive a letter in October or November stating the total amount that they can receive.

People who are born before September 25, 1957, usually receive the winter fuel payment from the UK Government.

People are ineligible to get the winter fuel payment if –

  • a person was in prison for the whole week of the period – September 18 – 24, 2023
  • a person is in a hospital and is receiving free treatment for over 1 year
  • a person requires permission to come to the UK, and their granted leave states that they can’t get public funds

In addition to the winter fuel payments, the citizens can also get the cost of living payment for the winter fuel payment. This payment will neither affect any other benefit payment not will it be included with the Winter Fuel Payment. It means that it will be paid separately to the people who are eligible.

The amount that a person can receive depends on their circumstances during the qualifying week and the place where they were born. For the current financial year, the qualifying week associated with the winter fuel payment is from September 18 to 24.

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In addition, the payment that the government issues as a winter fuel payment is tax-free. If a person lives alone, they can get £500. However, people who were born before September 25, 1943, can receive a higher amount of £600.

In case a person lives with another person who is also eligible to get the Winter Fuel Payment, they can receive payment ranging from £250 to £350, provided they don’t receive pension credit, income support, income-based JSA or income-based ESA.

People living in care homes can also get a winter fuel payment of either £250 or £300, depending on when they were born. The payment is generally paid into the same bank account that people use to receive their other benefits.

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