SRD Appeal Status Check: How to Appeal For SRD Grant and How Long Does it Take?

Please read this post and learn about the SRD Appeal Status Check: How to Appeal For SRD Grant and How Long Does it Take?

SRD Appeal Status Check

If your application is denied, it is possible that some of the information you submitted needed to be more accurate; in this case, you are eligible to file an appeal.

You should follow up on your SASSA appeal to ensure it has been recovered in the system. The SASSA or South African Social Security Agency offers qualifying citizens a crucial source of financial help in the form of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award.

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In this post, we are going to talk the procedure involved in the SRD Appeal Status Check and the various processes governing it.

Need for SRD Appeal

The process for applying for an SRD grant is simple, but there may be instances where the application is denied. In these situations, people have the right to appeal the decision.

SRD Appeal Status Check

To find out how your SRD grant appeal is progressing, you’ll need to know your ID number. Typically, it takes the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance between sixty and ninety days to reply to your request. Just so you know, an SMS confirmation containing the outcome of your appeal will be conveyed to you.

SRD Appeal Status Check Overview

Article Title SRD Appeal Status Check
Provided By SASSA
Amount R350
Appeal Response Time 90 days
Appeal Response Pending, Approved or Rejected
Sent via Registered Mail
For Filing SRD Appeal

How to Appeal For an SRD Grant?

Please follow these guidelines to contest an unfavorable ruling on your SRD grant application.

  • Check out the official SASSA appeals webpage at
  • As well as the phone number you used to make your first application submission, include your SA ID number.
  • Send a request for a PIN to your registered phone number. Enter the PIN once received to continue.
  • Decide which month you want to appeal the SRD grant application decision.
  • Make sure to state your appeal’s purpose clearly. This could result from technical errors, incomplete or inaccurate information submitted during the application process, or a change in the circumstances.
  • Send in your request for consideration once all information has been received. Following a successful submission, the website will send out a confirmation message.
  • Await hearing back regarding your appeal. You will be informed of SASSA’s decision after they have reviewed your request and any accompanying documentation.

Payments from the month you first applied will be made after your Sassa SRD status appeal has been verified as successful.

How Long Does it Take?

You can file an appeal if your SASSA grant application is turned down. After receiving the rejection notice from SASSA, you have 30 days to file your appeal. The appeal process takes time, so you must be patient. You may file an appeal with the ITSAA, and the appeals process may take up to ninety days.

Despite the waiting period, many applicants had their appeals approved, which resulted in the reinstatement of their SRD grant payments. To get accurate and current information about the status of your SRD appeal, remember to use the official SASSA website and keep your reference number close.

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How to Check SRD Appeal Status?

Please bring your ID number with you so that you can verify the status of your SRD grant for your appeal.

  • Visit the SASSA appeal status check webpage.
  • After locating the appeal status section, you will likely be asked to input your appeal reference number your telephone number, and your South African ID number.
  • Click “Send Pin” once you’ve input your details. The system will process your request, and you will probably receive a verification code.
  • Put the code in. Subsequently, your SRD SASSA appeal’s status needs to be visible.
  • The appeal status, which could be approved, refused, or pending, will be provided to you by the system.
  • If you have a “Pending” appeal status or encounter any issues during the process, it is recommended that you contact SASSA immediately.
  • For future reference, be careful to record your appeal status. You can use this record if you need to follow up on your SRD award.

Also, you can keep an eye on your appeal’s status by calling the Sassa Call Center at 0800 601 011, which is their mobile number.

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