SASSA Payment Dates March 2024: What Are the New Payment Dates and Amounts

Check the details about the SASSA Payment Dates March 2024: What Are the New Payment Dates and Amounts here. Many citizens have been waiting for the grant deposit of this month’s installment. The deposit dates of each category are different. The candidate should check the payment dates to get an update on their deposit. The complete details about the SASSA Payment Dates March are shared in this article.

SASSA Payment Dates March 2024

The SASSA has been providing these grants for several years now, and millions of households are completely dependent upon the payment. The grants are the financial backbone for many individuals. With the beginning of the new fiscal year, the allocation of the budget has been finalized. The funding for each category of the grant is also distributed.

The modifications are made in each category of grant and the citizens will experience the changes from this month. The payment date is similar to the previous month and will be deposited on the specified date. Scroll down to know the SASSA Payment Dates in March.

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Types of SASSA Payments

The Government of South Africa has always followed the motive of “We are here for You” as the citizens always financial assistance as payment grants. Each category of citizens has their specified grant with a certain eligibility assigned to them.

SASSA Payment Dates March

The grants cover the expenditure from the children’s care to the old age pensioners. The complete details about the SASSA payments are discussed in this section.

Old Age Grant – The grant is initiated to provide financial support to old-age seniors who are retired and have no source of income. The amount is the replacement of the salary for these pensioners. The deposit of the benefit is the contribution of the tax credit paid to them during the employment period. the amount issued to the retirees depends upon the income and the assets limit. The retirees above 60 years are eligible for the benefit.

Disability Grant – The physically or mentally impaired candidates are also provided with financial support that covers the expenditure. The deposit covers the basic requirements of the candidate. Individuals with temporary illnesses are also eligible for the grant.

Child Care Grant – The child care grants issued from the birth of the child. There are certain households in the country, who are unable to afford the upbringing of their children. The grant is implemented to support such candidates. As part of the benefit, each child in the household will receive the amount until they are independent or employed.

SASSA SRD Grant – Individuals between 18 to 60 years who are patients and receive asylum treatment or are refugees or have certain special permits are eligible for the benefit. These amounts are part of the Social Relief Payment Grant.

Apart from these payments, many additional support plans have been implemented the provide additional support to these citizens. The War Veteran Grant and Foster Care Grant are certain examples of these payments.

What Are the New SASSA Payment Dates?

The payment dates are different for each category of the deposit. The amount is generally distributed at the beginning of the month. The disbursement is carried out in the first week of the month, each day followed by consecutive payments. The dates for this month and the category of the benefit are issued in this section.

Type of Grant Payment Date
Retirement Pension Grant – 5th March 2024
Disability Grant 6th March 2024
Child Grant 7th March 2024
SASSA SRD Grant 25th – 29th March 2024

The SRD payment will be deposited as per the regions of residency. The other benefits such as the War Veteran grant and others are deposited on 6th Match 2024. The beneficiaries are advised to contact the local authorities of the SASSA department to get real-time payment updates.

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SASSA Payment Amounts 2024

The payment amounts are different for each category and completely depend upon the cost of living of the individuals. With the beginning of the new fiscal year in March, the amount for the benefits is expected to be raised. The expectation for the rise in the deposit is high due to the current landscape of the country. The amount of each category of the grant is discussed in the table below.

Type of Grant Amount of the Grant
Old Age Grant R 2100 for seniors below 75 years

R2080 for seniors above 75 years.

Disability Grant R2080 for each individual.
Child Grant R500 for each child
SRD Grant R 350 for each individual.

Apart from these payments, there are many other grants such as Foster Child Care, Care Dependency Grant, and the War Veteran Grant. The amount of these benefits depends upon the situation of the candidates. The War veteran will be receiving additional support as an award from the authorities of SASSA.

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