Quebec Minimum Wage 2024: What is the Minimum Wage in Quebec Now in CAD?

Quebec Minimum Wage 2024: What is the Minimum Wage in Quebec Now in CAD can be checked from here. A wage is the weekly or regular payment that the employer gives to the employee for their work. Quebec Minimum Wage is a predefined amount that is provided to the workers in return for the projects or tasks that they do. Usually, there is a contract under which the employees are provided with the salary.

Quebec Minimum Wage 2024

A minimum wage is the least amount of money that the employer needs to pay to the employee for their work as per the government rules. It is the number of dollars given to employees on an hourly basis.

The Canadian govt. Sets no maximum amount of wage that a worker can get, but setting the minimum wage is necessary to fight poverty and to promote rational work practices. It’s not essential that you need to do full-time to qualify for minimum wage. Most employees qualify even if they work part-time or casually.

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Minimum wages for the employees differ in each province and territory. The labour legislation decides it. Canada introduced a new federal lowest wage of $16.65/hr on 1st April ‘23. The minimum wage in Quebec is $1.40 less than the federal minimum wage. The Canadian government fixes this wage, and it is adjusted according to inflation.

What is the Minimum Wage in Quebec Now in CAD?

Currently, in Quebec, the minimum wage for employees is $15.25 per hour. This rate came into effect on 1st May 2024. Whether you are a full-time or part-time worker, you are eligible to receive at least minimum wage.

Quebec Minimum Wage

In any case, any employee, whether male or female, cannot be paid less. If any employees have any benefits from the company, like accommodation or vehicle, then also the employee qualifies for the minimum wage. A particular employer could make more rules following the condition that the lowest wage amount will not be modified in any case.

Minimum Wages by Province

The Minimum wage is not fixed, it varies province-wise. The state governments set it. This is adjusted on the basis of inflation. Here is a table of the minimum wages province-wise.


Minimum Hourly Wages

Effective date


CAD 15.00

1st October, 2018

British Columbia

CAD 16.75

1st June, 2024


CAD 15.30

1st October, 2024

New Brunswick

CAD 14.75

1st April, 2024

Newfoundland & Labrador

CAD 15.00

1st October, 2024


CAD 16.77

1st April, 2024


CAD 15.25

1st May, 2024

Prince Edward Island

CAD 15.00

1st October, 2024


CAD 16.55

1st October, 2024


CAD 16.00

1st April, 2020

Nova Scotia

CAD 15.00

1st October, 2024

Northwest Territories

CAD 16.05

1st September, 2024


CAD 14.00

1st October, 2024

Noticing in the tabular form above, the citizens will get an idea of the various provinces and the hourly amount that is provided to the employees. The effective dates reveal that there is a gradual increase in the figures from the past years. The amount is generally decided according to the improvements that Quebec makes.

Working Sectors in Quebec

The following are the working areas that could be best suitable according to your career preferences. The employees must check the working environment, salary package, work timings, location, and other factors to confirm their jobs.

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Social Assistance
  • And More

The above are some of the sectors in which individuals can apply for a job. Kindly note that the minimum wage will be 15.25.

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Employment Rate in Quebec

8.7 million individuals are currently staying in the province, out of which most are youth or adults. These people are capable of working, which adds to the total employment level. Let us understand it further in this section.

According to the latest data, 3.5 Million individuals in Quebec are employed. They are working full-time in various sectors as available for work. On the contrary, the unemployment rate was 4.40% in 2024, which is a bit higher than the previous year, which was 4.10%.

The Canada Labour Force Survey records the data as per the criteria of age, total employers, skill level, and more. The information frequently changes in month or year, totally dependent on the operable sectors of the province.

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