Singapore Workfare Special Payment 2024 Eligibility, Payout Date, Possible Increase, Amount

Get to know the crucial information for the Workfare Special Payment 2024 Payout Date, Eligibility, Possible Increase, and Amount here. Retirement is a challenging time for individuals because of the consistent expenses. Workfare Special Payment helps the citizens to contribute to the savings that can be used when they are retired. The applicants have to share the appropriate data to be a beneficiary.

Workfare Special Payment 2024

The program was started in 2007 with an aim to increase the savings of Singaporeans. The cost of living support was found to be essential for the citizens considering the higher process of the basic requirements for daily living.

Under the scheme, the citizens receive the additional CPF Contributions and the cash payments as financial assistance. The eligible individuals have to complete the verification to receive the feasible amount.

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Workfare Special Payment Eligibility

The lower income earning individuals find it challenging to contribute savings for their retirement. In such a situation, the Government aids the citizens financially. If you want to apply for the same, then check the eligibility from this section.

    • Employers or old-age citizens who are earning a low income are eligible.
    • The age criteria are above 30 years old.
    • Permanent residency in the country is vital.
    • Individuals who have a disability and require a carer for a short or long-term can apply.
    • For the year 2023, Employees must have earned below or around $2500, and self-employed individuals have $500 per month, which is not increased to $2500.
    • For the year 2022, the gross income should be the same or less than $2300 by SEP or an employee.

The self-employed individuals will have to provide the Net Trade Income and make the MediSave Contributions (if eligible).

Workfare Special Payment

The income proof for the past 12 months has to be submitted along with the application to become a beneficiary.

Workfare Income Supplement Payout Date 2024

The amount will be beneficial for the disabled, less income-earning individuals, and those who are addressing poverty levels. The convenient way to secure their retirement is to push the savings limit.

The beneficiaries will receive $4200 per year based on their eligibility. The amount is transferred via PayNow NRIC in which 60% is the CPF Contributions and 40% is the cash payment. Kindly note that your bank account has to be linked with the payment method to receive the supplement. The duration within which the payment is done is within 2 months.

5, 13, and 23rd February 2024 are the potential dates on which the beneficiaries will get the amount. Kindly note that you must have updated the banking information to receive the amount securely. Also, consider that you do not have to share the login details or the bank account particulars with anyone.

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Workfare Special Payment Possible Increase 2024

The purpose of the Workfare Special Payment is to help people gain financial stability during retirement. However, the Work Income Supplement is shared per month with the individuals. In the tabular form, we are sharing the Maximum Annual Payout.

Age Band  Amount for the Employed Individuals  For SEP’s 
30 to 34 yrs old $2100 $1400
35 to 44 yrs old $3000 $2000
45 to 59 yrs old $3600 $2400
60 yrs old and above $4200 $2800
PWD’s $4200 $2800

The benefits until now include a higher pay and income cap for eligible working citizens. The young workers get the opportunity to start saving at an early age. The people who suffer from disability have to be dependent, but with Workfare, they can manage expenses on their own.

The enhancement in the workfare amount will be according to the regulation of the Central Provident Fund Board. Considering the changes that the benefit has promoted in the lives of the people, they are motivated to work regularly. is the main portal at which the beneficiaries can check the latest information. They can also browse more articles from our website to gain better insights.

To claim the prominent amount, the beneficiaries have to browse They need to complete the sign-in process. The direct link to apply for the scheme and to check the payment status will be available in the main menu.

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