Ontario Birth Certificate – How to Get, What is Long Form Birth Certificate

Please read this article and find all the details you must know about Ontario Birth Certificate – How to Get, What a Long Form Birth Certificate.

Ontario Birth Certificate

Did you have your first child recently, or are you expecting soon and are worried about getting his Birth Certificate? Then do not worry, we are here for you, with all the details you must know to get a Birth Certificate in this province. First and foremost, you must know that only children born in Ontario will be able to get an Ontario Birth Certificate

Only the parents who have registered the births of their child with the Ontario Government will be able to apply and get the Ontario’s Birth Certificate. You can get the birth certificate of your child by applying online or via mail. Rest assured, we have covered both these modes in this article. All you have to do is read this article until it ends and follow the procedure mentioned here.

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Ontario Birth Registration

The birth of a child in Ontario must be reported to the provincial government. When you give delivery, fill out and sign the Statement of Live delivery form you receive from the hospital or midwife. Send it to the local government where you reside. Making your child a recognized citizen of Canada requires completing this first and most important step.

Ontario Birth Certificate

The parent(s) or guardian(s) of a kid may ask for a copy of the birth certificate once the child’s birth has been officially registered. An official document that proves identity is a birth certificate. When you register your child for health services, a passport, or other services, you can use it as identification. Additionally, it acts as proof of a birth that took place in Ontario.

Ontario Birth Certificate Overview

Article Name Ontario’s Birth Certificate
Issuing Authority Government of Ontario
Dedicated Portal Service Ontario
Birth Certificate Application Fees $25
Service Ontario Registrar General Contact Number 1-800-461-2156.
Birth Certificate Delivery Time 6-8 weeks
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Who can Apply for Ontario Birth Certificate

You can apply for three types of birth certificates, which are a birth certificate, a birth certificate with parental information, and a certified copy of registration. Here, we have listed the eligible applicants who may apply for an Ontario’s Birth Certificate.

  • If you are at least 13 years old,
  • If you are the parent of the person for whom the certificate is being sought,
  • If you are a legal guardian of the subject, you may apply on their behalf.  In this context, you are required to produce a court order outlining the subject and applicant’s agreement over custody.
  • You may ask for a certificate if the subject has passed away and you are the next-of-kin, executor, or estate administrator.
  • Anyone having written authorization from one of the parties listed above.

A birth certificate is an extract of data from the initial birth registration that solely includes the subject’s personal information. It can be used to get additional official documents from the government and is advised for people over the age of 16.

How to Get Ontario Birth Certificate

 You can get an Ontario Birth certificate from the official website of Service Ontario, or you can also apply for it via mail


To begin with the online application process, you need to have the legal name of the person for which the birth certificate is sought, mailing address, guardian name, and a guarantor if the subject is 9 years and older. Follow the steps provided below to apply Ontario Birth Certificate:

  • Then visit the Service Ontario Website’s page stating ‘Order a birth certificate online’ at https://www.ontario.ca/page/get-or-replace-ontario-birth-certificate#section-16.
  • Click The Button, then read all the instructions provided before filling out the birth certification form online.
  • Fill out the Ontario Birth Certificate application form with all the details. Then click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Now, pay the application fees. Your application process is completed now, and you will soon receive your birth certificate.

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By Mail

You can also download the Ontario Birth Certificate application form. Then, you need to fill out the application and send it via mail to Service Ontario at 189 Red River Road, PO Box 4600, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

What is Long Form Birth Certificate

A long-form birth certificate may be required of you by a government body or individual. “Long form” can refer to a birth certificate that includes parental information or a certified copy of a birth registration. These are two distinct goods with two different uses and information.

In addition to the subject’s parents’ names and places of birth, the Long Form Certificate includes all the information included in the Short Form. When parental information is requested, this form is advised for babies and kids under the age of 16.

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