Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program: What is the Dental Care Program and What is Reduced Fee?

In this article, we have discussed the specifications regarding the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program: What is the Dental Care Program and What is Reduced Fee? The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program is one of the many welfare plans of the leading authorities of the province. Through this, they aim to provide dental treatments to all eligible citizens. Carry on reading this post as we discuss the program further.

Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

The plan provides free dental services to all citizens who fulfill the specified requirements. Most often it happens that the seniors of low wages are unable to cope with the financial expenses. They can take benefits from the scheme to get a free dental treatment.

The officials have been planning to implement this program after the successful initiation of the program for the children. For the specified regular dental checkups, the officials shall provide financial assistance to all eligible citizens over sixty years.

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What is the Dental Care Program?

The concerned authorities initiated the Dental Care Program for all the households that could not afford the frequent cost of visiting a dentist. Through this plan, they aimed to ensure that all the citizens could afford the essential dental treatments required.

Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

In the pilot phase, the applications were invited from the eligible residents below the age of twelve yrs. Now, the plan has been extended to the senior citizens as well. The officials have planned to make it accessible to all the citizens by the following year.

Who Qualifies for Seniors Dental Care Program?

The benefits of the Seniors Dental Care Program shall be provided only to those individuals who fulfil the criteria mentioned in this section. The applicants must be in possession of their SIN before applying. Only those who meet the below-listed criteria shall be considered eligible.

  •  The applicant must be either sixty-five yrs old or more than that.
  • It is a must that the applicant resides in Ontario.
  • In the case of a single applicant, the yearly net income must not be more than CAD 22200, while for a couple, it must be lower than CAD 37100.
  • The applicants shall not be receiving any prior dental benefit as a part of any private or government plan.

The individuals fulfilling all the above points shall be considered to receive the payments under this program.  The cost for the following services is covered under this program.

  • Prescribed regular checkups
  • The repair cost in case of damaged teeth or cavities
  • Oral surgery
  • Periodontal services
  • Anesthesia, as well as X-rays
  • Endodontic services

The services other than those mentioned above shall be chargeable. All the eligible must head to the subsequent section to understand the application process.

How to Apply for Seniors Dental Care?

The applications for the Seniors Dental Care Program are being accepted through the online web page as well as by mail. Before applying, remember that in case both partners are applying for the scheme, separate applications will be accepted. There are certain documents the applicants must possess to apply, such as:

  • Applicant’s date of birth
  • Their address in the province
  • The SSN to verify the income. In its absence, the Temporary Taxation Number shall be required.
  • Applicant must have the documents of the tax return for the previous year.

After confirming the above documents, all the eligible citizens can refer to the steps of applying online explained below for ease.

Step 1 Visit the virtual portal of the authorities by entering the correct web address in the search browser.

Step 2 Head over to the new application section or login in case you have already registered.

Step 3 Fill out the necessary details displayed on the screen.

Step 4 After that, take a printout of the form along with the consent.

Step 5 The consent form must be duly completed along with the signature of the applicant.

The form must then be mailed to the office of the Seniors Dental Care Program. The address for the same has been provided on their portal. Ensure that the application is sent within thirty days after applying. On the other hand, the applications can also be sent via mail, which shall be scrutinized by the authorities after they receive the form.

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What is Reduced Fee?

The reduced fee is nothing but the significant amount that has been provided to the beneficiaries. Free dental checkup is a must-have for many people. This will aid individuals who earn a low income. The Government helps such citizens to combat the challenges associated with health.

As you know, dental health is always a priority. The fee will be according to the regulation that is made by the Government. $90,00 or less would be the considered income. The applicants can check the latest information from the relevant portal for their convenience.

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