Ontario Photo Card – What is it? How to get Ontario Photo Card

Ontario Photo Card – What is it? How to get Ontario Photo Card: We suggest that all the non-drivers who are above 16 years old and are currently living in Ontario must read this article. Here, we have detailed information on the ‘Ontario Photo Card – What is it? How to get Ontario Photo Card’ and its relevant details.

Ontario Photo Card

Ontarians without a driver’s license under the age of 16 years can now obtain an Ontario Photo Card. It is a government-issued photo identification in the form of a wallet-sized card. The verification ID contains your details like your height, gender, DOB, name, eye colour and other information. It helps to access various financial, government, business or domestic travelling to the non-drivers.

It facilitates their ability to complete tasks like opening a bank account and other activities requiring official identity. It is not permitted to hold both an Ontario picture Card and a driver’s license or picture ID card from Ontario or from another province, state, or nation concurrently. More details about Ontario Photo cards, application, renewal and all other essential details are enshrined in this article. So, please stay with us on this article.

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Ontario Photo Card Eligibility

Only adults over 16 without a driver’s license are eligible to receive an Ontario photo card. To get the verification ID, you will also need to provide your mailing address, proof of residential address, guardian’s signature, and basic personal information. When applying for the card, you will also need to submit two pieces of proof of identity.

Ontario Photo Card

When someone applies for a photo card while in possession of a driver’s license, their license will be revoked because two valid licenses cannot be held simultaneously. Consequently, in order to apply for a photo card if you currently hold a driver’s license, you must surrender it.

What is Ontario Photo Card?

Article Name Ontario Photo Card
Authority Service Ontario
Purpose To provide photo-identification proof to Ontarians
Eligibility Above 16 years without a Driving license
OPC Validity 5 years
OPC Renewal Fees $35
Service Ontario Official Website https://www.ontario.ca/page/government-ontario

How to get an Ontario Photo Card

Applying in person at a ServiceOntario office is how you obtain an Ontario Photo Card. Consequently, find an Ontario Service Center in your area to start. Original proof of identity (passport, birth certificate, etc.) and proof of residency in Ontario (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.) must be brought.

Additionally, a picture shoot at the ServiceOntario location is required. The photo is prioritized for simple recognition when processing the photo ID. Thus, the image that will be used needs to be unobstructed, easily observable, and exhibit neutral expressions. After completing an in-person application at a ServiceOntario site, it may take up to 4-6 weeks for your OPC to arrive by mail.

Renewing Ontario Photo Card

The validity period of an Ontario picture card is five years. You have the option to apply to get your picture card renewed. If you don’t need a new photo, you can renew online. If a new photo is required, though, you will need to renew in person at a ServiceOntario centre. If the existing photo is more than 10 years old, you will need to take a new one.

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The cost to obtain or renew an Ontario picture card is $35. Nevertheless, the cost will vary based on when you renew your health card. Cash, Mastercard, Visa, debit cards, or certified checks can all be used to make the payment. Within four to six weeks of the order date, the renewal card will be supplied.


For those without a driver’s license, one of the most important identity documents is the Ontario Photo ID. Non-drivers find it simpler to carry out routine tasks like depositing checks and returning merchandise to stores when they have an Ontario photo card. When applying for services like creating bank accounts or obtaining credit cards, it is favoured by locals who don’t want to carry around more critical paperwork.


Who is eligible to apply for an OPC?

Only Ontario residents who are above the age of 16 years and do not possess a driving license are eligible to apply for OPC.

What to do If I have mutilated my OPC?

You can request a replacement photo card for ten Canadian dollars in the event that it is stolen, lost, or damaged.

Is it possible to take the photo from my phone for an OPC?

Indeed, smartphone device holders can snap an ID photo from home with the Smartphone iD app. It is economical and effective.

We suggest you apply for an Ontario Photo card straight away if you do not possess a diving license. The process as explained above is quite easy. With this note, we are wrapping up this article.

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