CWB Payment Dates 2024: Who is Eligible for $1,428 CWB and When is it coming?

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CWB Payment Dates 2024

In 2024, the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) continues to provide monetary support to eligible workers and families. This payment, which comes to $1428 in total, is made up of the Disability Supplement and the Basic Amount.

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A refundable tax credit is provided to those with lower incomes as part of the Canada Workers Benefit, which is an invaluable resource. Beginning on January 12, 2024, new quarterly payments for the Canada Workers Benefit will be made to low-wage workers in Canada.

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Understanding CWB Payment 2024

A financial assistance program for low-income families and individuals is called the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB). It is the enhanced form of the Working Income Tax Credit. The purpose of this initiative is to help people in need and to ease financial hardships.

CWB Payment Dates

A refundable tax credit known as the Canada Workers Benefit gives low-income employees and their families financial help. Depending on their particular situation, each person is qualified for a different amount. For qualified Canadians, the CWB also offers a disability compensation.

CWB Payment Dates Overview

Article Title CWB Payment Dates 2024:
Country Canada
Scheme Canada Workers Benefit
CWB Payment Amount 2024 $1,428- $2,461
Upcoming CWB Payment Date January 12, 2024
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Who is Eligible for $1,428 CWB?

Individuals must fulfill the following requirements in order to be eligible for the basic CWB amount:

  • Their working income has to be less than the net income cap that their province or territory has established.
  • They have to be year-round Canadian residents.
  • On December 31st, they must be 19 years of age or older, or they must live with a husband, partner, or kid.

However, some people are not eligible for the CWB payment. These people include full-time students (unless they are dependents), those who have been detained for longer than 90 days, and anyone who are diplomatically excluded from paying Canadian taxes.

In order to be eligible for the CWB payment, spouses or partners must remain in Canada for the whole year and live with the beneficiary as of December 31st.

When is it coming?

The CWB is mostly paid to you in three advance installments throughout the course of the year. Your real income tax return from the previous year will determine the final adjustment. As a result, one will get the benefit in three equal payments; the next payment is scheduled for January 12, 2024.

You can check the table below to get the complete schedule of CWB Payments in 2024.

Installments CWB Payment Date
First January 12, 2024
Second July 12, 2024
Third October 11, 2024

The advance payment amount is 50% of your CWB net Payment if you qualify for it. 50% of the disability payment with the Canada Workers Benefit Advance Payment will be yours if you qualify for the disability supplement.

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CWB Payment Amount 2024

The amount of your CWB benefits is determined by a number of factors, including your domicile province, marital status, net income, working income, and eligibility for the disability supplement. The $1428 Workers Benefit will be directly transferred to your account.

A base sum and a disability supplement make up its two components. A family’s maximum benefit for the 2024 tax year as the base amount is $2,461, while the highest benefit for eligible individuals is $1,428, as well.

You may be eligible to receive an extra $737 in help for the disability component if you meet the requirements for the disability tax credit. Families qualified for the disability tax credit with one eligible spouse can get up to $737, which decreases to $43,210 in adjusted family net income (the basic amount).

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