Canada EV Rebate: How to Get Electric Vehicle Rebate? When is it coming?

Check out the details about Canada EV Rebate: How to Get Electric Vehicle Rebate? When is it coming? from this article. Various details about Canada EV Rebate: How to Get Electric Vehicle Rebate? When is it coming? and other notable information is included in this article.

Canada EV Rebate

Canada EV Rebate is an initiative of the Canadian Government that aims to encourage individuals to purchase zero-emission vehicles. The EV Rebate in Canada can help Canadians to save thousands of dollars. EV Rebate or iZEV program not only encourages people to purchase more EV Vehicles but also makes them more affordable.

When individuals purchase or lease electric vehicles, the rebate will depend on a number of aspects, such as the vehicle’s eligibility and province. Currently, the Canada EV Rebate will be provided on eligible vehicles till March 31, 2025.

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Canada EV Rebate 2024-24

Name Canada EV Rebate
Administered by Transport Canada
Country Canada
Name of the Program Zero-Emission Vehicles Program
Amount up to 5000 dollars (longer range plug-in vehicles) | up to 2500 dollars (shorter range plug-in vehicles)
End of the program March 31, 2025

How to Get an Electric Vehicle Rebate?

The rebate will be applied at the dealership. It means that the EV Rebate will be applied while purchasing the vehicle. In addition, the amount of the rebate received on the purchased vehicle will be mentioned on the bill of sale. The dealer who sells the electric vehicle will have to apply the applicable taxes and fees to the purchase/lease before applying the rebate.


Furthermore, the dealer is also responsible for submitting the required documentation needed for providing rebates to the customers at the point of sale. In addition to the federal rebate, the provincial rebate will also be applied accordingly. For information on the provincial rebate, check the official website of that province.

Types of Canada EV Rebate

The iZEV Program provides 2 types of Incentive –

  • Up to 5,000 dollars 
    • is applicable on hydrogen fuel cell, Battery-electric, and longer-range plug-in hybrid vehicles.
    • The electric range is generally equal to or more than 50 Kilometers.
  • Up to 2,500 dollars
    • is applicable on Shorter range plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
    • The electric range is generally less than 50 Kilometers.

This significant program offers rebates for customers who purchase new vehicles or lease the vehicles. Please note that the rebate is only for zero-emission vehicles. However, not every zero-emission vehicle is eligible for the EV Rebate.

Canada EV Rebate Eligible Vehicles

While purchasing a zero-emission vehicle, the customers should first check whether their desired vehicle is eligible or not. To check eligibility, Citizens can check the complete list of eligible vehicles from the authorized web portal of Transport Canada. The eligibility will show the following details –

  • Model Year
  • Make
  • Model Name
  • Trim
  • Fuel Type
  • Electric Range
  • Incentive for Purchase
  • Eligibility Date

Only the mentioned vehicles in the eligible vehicle list are eligible for rebates when they are purchased for at least 1 year on or after the eligibility date. Before including the vehicles in the eligible vehicle list, Transport Canada reviews the application of the automaker to check whether the vehicle meets its requirements.

Canada EV Rebate Eligible Vehicles

Accepted applications for a particular vehicle are generally added to the list. Furthermore, the eligible vehicles list is regularly updated by Transport Canada. Hence, the eligible vehicle for the Canada EV Rebate should –

  • satisfy all the Motor Vehicle Safety Standards of Canada.
  • be meant for use on roads, highways, and public streets.
  • have at least 4 wheels (functioning), and are able to be driven on highways.

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Only new EVs are eligible for this significant rebate. The vehicles remain eligible for the rebate even if the delivery/freight/add-on accessories/etc., increases the actual purchase of the vehicle beyond the set limit. In a calendar year, an individual can receive only one rebate through this program.

When is the Canada EV Rebate coming?

The EV Rebate in Canada will continue to benefit Canadians purchasing or leasing electric vehicles till March 31, 2025, or till the funding amount is finished. More information regarding the federal and provincial EV Rebates available for the citizens can be learned by visiting the authorized web portal of the Canadian Government.

Moreover, for any doubts and queries regarding this rebate, individuals can contact Transport Canada. However, the information regarding the make and model of the eligible vehicles can only be provided by the dealer. In this case, the individuals have to contact the dealership or manufacturer.

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